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Texas Classroom Teachers Association

Texas Classroom Teachers Association

After getting separated from the Trey Ratcliff's PhotoWalk at SXSW, I found this great looking house off of 7th Street in Austin. Turns out it's the home of the Texas Classroom Teachers Association (TCTA). This Victorian-era building is an Historical Landmark. Since 1969, it's been used by the TCTA. You can find out more about it at

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Photo Details: Group of standard 3 exposure HDR shot using Canon EOS 7D. I used my Gorillapod to attach my camera to a street sign. Due to the limit of my lens, I shot one series pointed towards the roof and one to include the fence. The HDRs were tonemapped in Photomatix and then merged using AutopanoGiga. Finally, Processed in Lightroom to increase clarity, sharpen and crop.

All comments or criticism are, as always, welcome.